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March 24, reporters at the Eleventh Asia-Pacific Marine Exhibition, was informed that incorporated Weifang Weifang Group - Baudouin (Singapore) Corporation, will be officially launched in Singapore on the 25th. It is the Weichai Group first subsidiary in Southeast Asia, marking the establishment of a global brand Weichai towards the goal of internationalization has taken an important step.

 Weichai Group has developed the world's largest engine manufacturing base is known. Founded in 2002, is headquartered in beautiful kite capital of the world? Weifang, Shandong, China, is China's first H-share listed in Hong Kong and return to the mainland listed companies, the Group has three listed companies, revenues of 10 billion U.S. dollars. It's owned by Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Spark Plug Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of 40 companies formed clusters, last year, but also with the SEM group, mountain steam Group merged to form the Shandong Heavy Industry Group, to build from the powertrain (engine, gearbox, axle), engineering machinery, commercial vehicles, auto parts joint development of four industrial plate pattern, with the only commercial vehicle and Construction Machinery 2 gold chain. In 2009, Weifang Diesel successfully acquired century-old French Baudouin engine company, acquired Baudouin products, technology and brand, to become the biggest and strongest multi-purpose engines and power systems group.

 Since its inception, the group established to create an international goal. After years of layout, set up a power coverage 30-10000 horsepower, with 12 series products, more variety, the whole series, high-speed diesel engine R & D platform. WD615, WD12, WP10/12 engine has become China's heavy truck, engineering machinery, large passenger vehicles matching the preferred engine. 8 tons and 5 tons of heavy vehicle market share of package loaders were 40% and 80%. Among them, the country "Blue Engine" series WP10/12 engine performance to reach the world advanced level. At present, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck market share of more than 12%; Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive transmission in more than 14 tons of heavy-duty vehicle market share of more than 85%. "Weifang Diesel Engine", "Shaanxi Auto heavy truck", "Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Transmission" and has been awarded "China Top Brand" and so on.

 Weichai Group's traditional market is the ship machine market. In recent years, the company ships in the 1000 horsepower machine market share of over 75% of its production of medium-speed diesel engines have 160,170,200,230,250,270,320,400 other 8 series, in the 1000-3000 hp Ship machine market share reached 50%, to ensure the absolute leadership position in the market. In the small power boat machine holds substantial market share not only, but also has a good reputation in the market.

 Weichai Group currently has more than 4,000 professional and technical personnel specialized in the vehicle, powertrain and components research and development, launched in 2005 that Taiwan has independent intellectual property rights of China's first "Blue Engine" National III emission engine, in 2008, developed countries to achieve the engine emission standards, the economy, reliability, environmental protection reached the international advanced level. The company has "National Technology Center" and has a world-class products laboratory in the United States, France, Austria and China, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Weifang built research and development center and other places. In 2009, commercial vehicle powertrain assembly engineering research centers, commercial vehicles and construction machinery Power New Energy and Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance has passed the approval of Chinese Ministry of Science, has more than one item is listed in the Chinese "863 Program."

 For a long time, Weichai Group has maintained frequent trade with the ASEAN countries, South-East Asia as the world's most dynamic economic development and potential of one of the regions, in the future world economic structure has an important strategic position. China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the startup is the economic development of Southeast Asia has added new impetus. Representative of Singapore as one of the countries in Southeast Asia, economic development potential, with good technical and economic environment is favorable to grasp the latest market trends in place.

 Weichai Group chairman Tan Xuguang told reporters, Weifang - Baudouin (Singapore) after the establishment of the company, will use this as a platform to create Weichai Power in Southeast Asia, sales and service support centers, logistics distribution warehousing center, training center and re-manufacturing center. It will increase the whole Southeast Asia Weichai distributors, service providers such as partner support, support the formation of the ASEAN strategy to promote the two countries in the new economic and technological communication and cooperation, and expand employment, promote Singapore economic development of positive role in pushing forward.

 Weichai? Baudouin (Singapore) Corporation official said the company would take full advantage of this development platform in Singapore, to respect local laws and customs, and constantly develop and improve products that meet the characteristics of the region, the introduction of international talents, and win-win development of domestic and international partners, to promote local economic prosperity, the two countries to promote the new economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between the two countries to further deepen the traditional friendship and cultural blending and creating well-being.
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Into Southeast Asia Weichai

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This article was published on 2010/09/09