Motor Silk And Other Engine Protection Aids

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It should come as no surprise that today's tough economy is causing many vehicle owners to rethink how they treat their cars. Gone are the days when people bought or leased a car, kept it for a few years and then traded it in for new. Folks are hanging on to their vehicles much longer than ever before (especially if they're paid for!), avoiding unnecessary car payments and taking active steps to protect engines to keep them running efficiently for as long as possible. Here is a quick look at Motor Silk and other engine protection aids that are enjoying an upswing in popularity these days.

Motor Silk

This aptly-named product is an engine additive that can substantially lengthen an engine's life span. It chemically bonds to all the metal in your engine and provides a shield against carbon build-up and corrosion. This process naturally decreases the amount of friction and therefore reduces wear and tear as well as heat. The results? Better gas mileage and substantially less wear and tear. Unlike other additives, Motor Silk's effects are long-lasting and just one application will work to protect an engine for up to 100,000 miles.

Engine Degreasers

If your engine already has build-up, a good "detailing" and use of engine degreaser will go a long way toward keeping the motor clean and running at peak efficiency. Beware of petroleum-based products and only use bio-degradable water and/or citrus-based cleaners. Although harsh chemicals are great at getting grime off fast, they can also do substantial damage to rubber and vinyl parts: so go natural. You'll want to warm your engine up first, then apply the degreaser from the bottom up to prevent unnecessary dripping.

Change Your Oil Regularly

Unfortunately, too many car owners neglect to follow their owner's manual specifications for oil changes. Changing your oil when you're supposed to is the single most important key to a long-lasting, high-performance engine. Using high quality synthetic oil is a must, as is changing the oil filter on a regular basis. Not all oil filters are created equally, however. Make sure that you or your technician uses one that meets manufacturer's performance specifications or you may end up with serious engine problems.

Taking good care of your vehicle engine isn't rocket science; it just takes a little common sense and knowledge to ensure that you are giving your engine the help it needs to get you from Point A to Point Z efficiently and reliably.
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Motor Silk And Other Engine Protection Aids

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This article was published on 2010/11/08