Saturn Engine Tips: Cost Effectively Replacing Your Ion Engine

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Without a doubt, one of the most expensive repairs a car owner can ever dread to endure is a new engine. As cars age and become more obsolete, such parts become more difficult to find, even when one plunges through a junk yard to pull their own part. Additionally, these parts become more expensive as they become more rare. To alleviate the pain of this problem, many auto owners are turning to less expensive ways of repairing their car and extending its life. One such solution is to rebuild your own engine, which saves on labor costs and you can find most of the parts in junk yards or online.

The biggest challenge for anyone wishing to undertake this process is the oil galleries. Saturn engines are unique in that they were built with no plugs and no access to the oil galleys. The heads can be drilled and tapped however, to overcome this obstacle; this project is not for the casual engine lover.

The Saturn engine itself is very rebuild-able as long as it is thoroughly cleaned. Some parts may be dealer only, however, there are over a million Saturn vehicles on the roads, so aftermarket parts are becoming more and more available, and cheaper at that.

Cast iron sleeves are supposed to press fit in the Saturn engine block with a .001 inch to .003 inch interference. Saturn suggests users remove them by heating the block to 350 degrees, but some users have noted that they fall out at closer to 200. Liquid nitrogen is the suggested method for installing new sleeves.

The Saturn engine cranks feature rolled radius the mains as well as the rods. Saturn recommends grinding engine cranks no more than 0.25mm under-size, but some users suggest that you can grind them down to 0.50mm. Just be careful that you do not grind out the rolled radius.

Saturn engines use cast-iron main caps on their aluminum block. Therefore, align honing means you need special stones, and a different approach than you might be used to. Removing too much material from the block can mean the mains will end up being the wrong size and out of round.

The Saturn engine rods need to be reconditioned; at the same time, replace the pin bushings. Some bushings may show signs of abnormal wear caused by factory defects. Therefore, it is a very important step to make sure they are replaced.

The next step in rebuilding your Saturn engine is to inspect the front of the engine block carefully for damage which could be caused by a loose timing chain. If the oil has not been changed frequently enough, there could be a plug in the relief hole of the tensioner, which exerts too much pressure on the chain. As a result, the chain gets more sloppy, which chews away on the surfaces of the engine block. Therefore a good rule of thumb is to replace all the tensioners and repair some damaged blocks.

Consult the internet and Saturn often for more tips. These engines can be rebuilt for a reasonable price and a decent amount of labor.

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Saturn Engine Tips: Cost Effectively Replacing Your Ion Engine

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This article was published on 2010/09/09